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90 Days To Total Fit – The All Encompassing Program of Fitness

We have developed this program after many years of working with hundreds of clients. Our school specializes in Muay Thai Kickboxing and has produced incredible results with every age group, male and female, in shape or out of shape individual. A very wide variety of client has entered our school and when they apply consistent effort they experience incredible results in both fitness and skills.

But many of them want more. They gain a certain level of ability within the Muay Thai discipline and reach a certain level of fitness and then they want to reach new levels.

That’s why we have created this program.

The initial phase is 90 days. If you commit to 90 days we will completely change and improve your fitness level.

This is an all encompassing program of fitness, unlike anything you have done before and completely proprietary to our school. This is a fusion of Muay Thai training, Strength Training, Cardio Ability Training, Flexibility and Focus Training through Yoga and Diet and Meal Planning.

There is no stone left unturned and through the focus and tracking that is a major part of this level of training there are consistent goals and achievement levels to strive for and accomplish as you progress through your own personal Total Fit Training Program.

This program is designed to meet all levels of fitness and abilities. Each client is assessed and benchmarked at their current level of abilities and fitness. Goals and achievement levels are then set in accordance to the clients own personally desired fitness goals.

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