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Total Boxing Mobile Text Team

When you join our mobile text team you will be entered into a Raffle for an awesome pair of Boxing Gloves.  You can join the Mobile Text Team by texting “totalboxing” to 90210.  There is also an opportunity to generate some income from this format.  If you are interested text “toddwilsonbiz” to 90210 for details. 

Here is a picture of the Gloves you could win.   I personally own a pair of these gloves and believe me when I say, they are SWEET.  Truly the nicest pair of gloves I have owned and I have owned a bunch – so best of luck to you.

dragon boxing gloves

This raffle will be held on October 31, 2010.  We will be doing other incentive giveaways after this one so stay tuned. 

Also don’t forget to join the Total Boxing Facebook Fanpage

As a member of our mobile text team you will be kept up to date on events and tips we will be providing to keep you motivated and improving your Muay Thai. 


We would love to hear back from you on any ideas or input you might have to better serve you and your training. 


We are honored to be your Muay Thai School. 

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