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Shadow Boxing Is A Vital Part Of Your Technique Training

The benefits of shadow boxing are very important in the training and advancing of your kickboxing techniques.  It not only serves as a warm up and preparation of the body for the upcoming workout but also as a skill builder to groove the skills taught by your Cru.   It also serves as a great tool to hone your own unique fighting style.  Watching yourself in the mirror allows you to see exactly what you are doing at all times. 

When you shadow box in front of the mirror it is important to concentrate on your form and repetition.  The more consistent you are in front of the mirror the more muscle memory you will gain.   Your whole posture needs to be involved in the shadow boxing session.  How you stand, throw a punch, bring your hand back from the punch, kick and move.  You can watch it all and see what you are doing right and what you are doing wrong.

We have seen rapid advancement in our students when we concentrate on shadow boxing during our classes.  It is also very important for you to do some shadow boxing on your own to work on movements that were difficult for you during class.

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