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Atlanta Kid’s Kickboxing – They Love It

I have been working with kids for the past 8 months at many different levels.  Last school year I was blessed to have the opportunity to work with a couple of local schools in Roswell, Georgia to offer our kickboxing classes to their students.  Some of the students had come challenges that needed special attention but it really didn't matter because they all put their heart and soul into the classes. 

I have also been the kids program instructor for the kid's program at our school, located in Alpharetta, Georgia.  Lately there has been a very positive influx of some new kids that are really excited about learning kickboxing.  It is a lot of fun watching a young child start to do things physically that just a few short days ago they struggled with.  There is a lot of positive reinforcement in this sport.  The instruction is very one on one at many levels and I think that is one of the things that attracts the child to this sport.

When I was kid my favorite sport was baseball.  I only remember a few times that I felt I was one on one with my coach.  It is hard to be one on one when there is a whole team looking for the same attention.  In kickboxing there is constantly one on one interaction with the instructor.  Kickboxing can also be presented as a team sport so there is that dynamic as well.  The personal challenge the child learns to overcome reemphasizes there excitement for the sport.  

Another great positive to kickboxing as a great sport for kids is the cardiovascular workout they get from the classes.  We do a lot of stretches and work on strength training at the beginning of the class and as the class progresses there is more cardio type of training with skills being developed.  We end the class with some more active type training and some balance exercises to work on their balance. 

If you are considering kickboxing as an activity for your child bring them in for a free class and let them check it out. 

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