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Kickboxing Fuel For Maximum Performance

Kickboxing Fuelkickboxing workout food

Your kickboxing performance will be directly related to your diet.  If you haven’t fueled up before class your performance will suffer.  Staying hydrated through the class is a priority as well.  Calorie intake and macronutrient breakdown will determine if your eating habits are adequate.  The balance of the diet is to eat enough calories to burn as energy while keeping them low enough to shed body fat. 

What To Eat

There is no magic formula for kickboxing.  Complex carbohydrates as opposed to sugar and white bread.  Protein from natural sources as much as possible.  You can supplement protein intake with whey powder shakes.  Eating nuts rich in monounsaturated fats and sources of omega-3 fatty acids, such as fish and grass-fed meats.

When To Eat

The best meal for a kickboxer is the one immediately following the workout.  It’s best to eat real food, but if you can’t cook something up quickly, try a protein shake to hold you over until you can. The meal needs to be full of protein and lean on fat. The body is primed for a protein uptake immediately following a workout and fats slow down the absorption.

Being in tune with your body is the key.  If you are sore you need more protein.  If you are tired and running out of gas, add some complex carbohydrates before you work out.  I find oranges to be an awesome fuel about 20 minutes before a workout.  As your workouts intensify you will need to make adjustments to maximize your performance. 

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