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I have been teaching classes at the Swift School, located in Roswell, Georgia this year.  The Swift school is a school for Dyslexic children and when I approached the school prior to the start of this school year I was lucky enough to get the support of the directors.  They thought the concept of a martial arts class would be a great after school program for their kids.  The students are loving it and so am I.  It is very rewarding and the kids are doing great learning the basics of kickboxing.  The school has put together a little brochure that includes all of the after school programs available.  

The kids program at the gym has been a success as well and we have had a few students that have been diagnosed with ADHD.  I personally have experience with special needs diagnosis as one of my step sons has been diagnosed with Aspergers.  The challenge is trying to find activities that can hold their interest and produce some results of advancement.  I feel Kickboxing does this very well. 

One of the reasons kickboxing works so well is the activity level can be managed throughout the class.  There are times when you can engage in a more intense manner and also gear it down a little to allow them some time to get grounded.  Providing a structure of discipline balanced with activities that allow them to release some energy is engaging for the student. 

Our children’s program can accommodate all levels of ability and challenges.  Our classes are engaging, high energy, fun and educational.  If you are seeking an activity to engage your child in that can teach discipline, exercise and teamwork give us a chance to show you how our programs can fit your needs.  

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