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Atlanta Kickboxing Benefits

Muay Thai Kickboxing has taken off over the last decade as a more mainstream sport and as an incredible way to get in shape and quicken the reflexes.  It has also been recognized as a very effective and practical form of self defense. The beauty of all this is you not only get and stay in shape but you are engaged in the learning and advancing aspect of a martial art.  The training truly gets you into top physical and mental shape, firming and toning your body, reducing body fat and increasing both endurance and stamina.  Mentally staying focused during the training and concentrating on the proper techniques while engaging with your training partners are invaluable.  It is truly a team sport when you immerse yourself into a consistent training schedule, where you start to build relationships with your fellow trainees and trainers.  Everyone wants to see everyone advance and succeed.

Women In Atlanta Kickboxing

More and more women are getting involved in Atlanta kickboxing classes.  Most of them see the benefits of both learning how to defend themselves should they ever need to and at the same time getting physically fit and mentally tough.   Women are looking for a more fulfilling workout experience and are seeking an alternative to the sometimes monotonous workouts of the aerobics and spinning crazes of the past.

Technical Elements – Atlanta Muay Thai vs. Atlanta Kickboxing

With the spread of cardio kickboxing in Atlanta, MMA and other mainstream kickboxing type workouts and sports there has been some elements of the traditions of Muay Thai that are being missed.  Some in fact that not only teach you some cultural elements of the inventors of Muay Thai – Kickboxing – but also that give you a very effective warm up routine to prepare you for the movements that will be used during a Muay Thai – Kickboxing workout.

Total Boxing – Our Atlanta Muay Thai – Atlanta Kickboxing School

Our main goal at Total Boxing is to teach a traditional form of Muay Thai, complete with the Wai Kru and a curriculum that enables you to move up the ranking system and earn your black belt that will be recognized around the world through our affiliation with IFMA and the Worldwide Muay Thai Council.   You will start in class as a beginner and move through the ranking system as you complete the elements of each rank. We are very excited to be able to bring these elements of tradition to the Roswell / Alpharetta area and certainly in the process to give you the best training possible as you develop into a well rounded Muay Thai Kickboxer.

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  • Gail Ward July 14, 2010, 1:55 pm

    After only two kickboxing classes, I feel more alert and stronger than I have felt in months (maybe years). Great instruction from Joe and Scott…plus the added benefit of other participants who encourage and explain. I’ll definitely keep going!

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