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Atlanta Summer Program – Kickboxing School

Another school year is coming to a close and the push to find Atlanta summer programs and activities for kids is on.  You need to find something they are excited about and affordable enough to not break the bank.  We think we have both.  Total Boxing has had a great year offering kickboxing classes to some local schools – see a couple of the letters the schools have written – so we wanted to offer an incredible, affordable summer special for kids and teens. 

The special is an extremely discounted price with no contract and just a one time fee that will cover the whole year.   Our kids classes ages 5 – 12 are at 4:45 and go until 5:30 every day of the week.  Saturdays 9:30 – 10:15

Over 12 years old  will usually be in the adult classes based on the size of the young adult.   Most 13 and over young adults are at a height size that gives them the ability to join the adult classes.  Those classes are held at 12:00 noon everyday, 6:30 on Mon – Thur, 5:30 on Friday.  Saturday at 11:30.   We will be adding classes as participation necessitates.

The Regular Price for our monthly student fee is $80 per month with a one year contract.  This is unlimited to how many times you can come to class or how long you can use the gym and it's equipment.   This is a great price already especially when you see the training we provide for our students. We focus on the individual even during our classes.  Our mission is to help each student attain their personal goals and motivate them to accomplish those goals.  The cool thing is when the the student starts to improve and understand the sport a bit more their goals get a bit higher as you see the confidence start to increase. 

There are so many benefits to this sport, especially for young people and like we said at the beginning of this article we wanted to make it as affordable as possible and introduce as many young people to the sport and the positive principles it incorporates into their lives. 

The Atlanta Summer Program for students is $99 for the whole summer.  Unlimited visits and use of the gym and equipment.

$99 Unlimited – No Contracts – Covers the whole summer

To get started or learn more about the program fill in the information to the right and put "Summer Student Program" in the part that asks for "What are your goals"

We look forward to meeting you and working out with you. 

Thank You

The Total Boxing Team.

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