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Atlanta Kickboxing School Offers Fundamental Kickboxing Training

We have been open as a Muay Thai School in Alpharetta, Georgia, a suburb of Atlanta, since 2009 and have trained a vast number of students with a variety of skill levels.  It is amazing how many people have never had boxing gloves on but as soon as they do and learn solid fundamentals to experience some power in their punches, they are hooked.

Many People Have Misconceptions About Kickboxing

When the word kickboxing is mentioned, its normal to see that most people would think about fighting, the picture of violence would always come to mind, but to those in the know, kickboxing is more than just inflicting pain, its all about self discipline, knowing that you can take on your assailant or attacker is a confidence booster and it should be enough. Your skill in kickboxing should only be used when needed and not to antagonize other people. This degree of self discipline should be highly regarded and can be used in other aspects of life.

Aside from that, kickboxing is also a wonderful tool in building your physique. Itís a great form of all around body fitness regimen, that should also be able to enhance your stamina, endurance, and coordination. These are just some of the numerous benefits that one can expect when learning kickboxing, but learning kickboxing is a journey that ban also be filled with injuries if not done properly, just like any other full contact sport like wrestling, boxing, and football.

The Workout Is Incredible

muay thai boxing fighter bowing during a ram muay before a fight

Kickboxing will require you to do a number of movements and most of the time; it will be fast and a combination of different rapid succession of movements. So, you need to be wearing loosely fitting clothing that will allow you mobility and zero restrictions. Just make sure that even though they are loosely fitting, they don't get easily ripped off from you or can be easily pulled away.

Aside from the equipment for your safety and mobility, one thing that you will need to prepare is your mind, kickboxing can be an extreme sport and you need to have your mind prepared for whatever that may come your way. You need to be very determined and dedicated so that you will be able to stand up and finish the course throughout.

A determined and dedicated mind will be followed by your body ís willingness to endure. Even if you are not that physically fit now, if you are determined, you will be able to develop your stamina, agility, and strength as you go along the way.

Come join us for a FREE class and check out how much fun it is to learn a new skill and develop solid fundamentals. 

Fill out the form in the sidebar and come in during a scheduled class time.  Total Boxing Atlanta Class Schedule

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