Opening Time : 6:00 AM to 8:30 PM

After School Program Activities – Kickboxing With A Twist

kickboxing after school program activities The focus on our after school program activities is to provide the children with a safe, fun and rewarding experience.  The classes we provide for your children are full of activities to not only teach them the fundamentals of kickboxing but so much more. 

The beginning of the class is spent stretching and trying to engage the child in some conversation about how their day went and talk on a level that gets them to talk about what might have went well for them that day.  Trying to build self-esteem and confidence is a key element in what we teach within the class and throughout the discipline of Muay Thai. 

As we progress through the class we are incorporating good cardio exercise with team work and we sprinkle a little spelling, memorization and sometimes some math throughout the routine.  The children really seem to respond to these questions as they are delivered in the midst of another task.  This keeps their mind moving and gives them a sense of accomplishment when they spell the word or get the question right. 

The after school program activities we provide are as focused on teaching the discipline of Muay Thai as they are in shaping and developing the child to become the best they can be.  Come in and check out our facility and bring your child and let them take a class or two and see what they think of it.  We are sure they will love it and you will get a chance to get to know us.

Hopefully we can have a small part in helping you to develop your child’s core values and physical fitness.

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