Opening Time : 6:00 AM to 8:30 PM

The Workout

Kick Are you looking for a new and exciting workout? Something completely different than what you have been doing for the past 100 workouts? Something that gets you in awesome shape, keeps you interested, constantly changes, and teaches you skills you didn’t know you had? You found the right place.

Although Muay Thai has gained popularity from MMA and the UFC, many still don’t know what it is.  Formed over the culmination of hundreds of years, it is the national sport of Thailand. A Kickboxing discipline, it is known as the science of 8 limbs – arms, elbows, knees, and kicks – each an important technique in Muay Thai. Muay Thai is the sport version of Muay Boran, a much deadlier ancient form of the martial art made famous by martial artist Tony Jaa.

The good news and certainly the experience of many of our students is you do not have to be training for the octagon to benefit and enjoy the sport and results of Muay Thai.  This is one of the reasons the sport has continued to gain such a momentum in the workout world.  The fact is, the workout is one of the best in the world and it can be tailored to all ages, abilities, and levels of physical endurance.

Many of our students have little or no martial arts training and have never put on boxing gloves before.  We are a family friendly school with emphasis on keeping the students safe and focused on technique and conditioning.

We promise you this: If you come in, take classes, and continue on a consistent schedule with at least 2 classes a week, you will improve quickly and you will begin to get into much better shape.  How quickly you accomplish particular goals is directly related to the number of classes you take per week and how much you practice outside of class.

There has never been someone who did not like it once they tried it, and if you have already trained in Muay Thai before and want to work on your technique, we are the school for you.  Stop in and say hello… we look forward to seeing you there!


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