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muay thai

After School Program Activities – Kickboxing With A Twist

We are focused on providing the finest after school program activity for your child. Muay Thai can teach good physical fitness, coordination, self-confidence and self-defense. We love working with young people and helping to shape their physical and mental abilities.

Atlanta Kickboxing Benefits

Some of the main benefits of kickboxing include increase in endurance and stamina, fat burning, increase in flexibility and reflexes, self defense and many more.

IFMA – The International Federation of Muay Thai Amateur

IFMA is the International Federation of Muay Thai Amateur. The spread of muay thai as a world wide sport made it necessary to have a governing body created to oversee the many aspects of the sport on an amateur level. WMC is the World Wide Muay Thai Council and IFMA is the amateur arm of that council. Our curriculum is recognized by IFMA and therefore is a world wide recognized black belt ranking.

Wai Kru

This ancient dance is an ceremonial tradition to show respect to the leaders of Thailand and your teacher. There is also an element of warming up before the start of the fight.

Muay Boran History

Muay Boran is the predecessor to the moder Muay Thai Kickboxing. Here we look at the rich history and origin of the ancient fighting art.

Kickboxing Workout – Great Cardio

Kickboxing also known as Muay Thai is a great workout. Your strength, flexibility and endurance will all be challenged and developed in this discipline.

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