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Women Self Defense

Did you know…

  • Rape is the most under-reported crime , with 84% of the victims never reporting the crime.
  • One American is forcibly raped every 6 minutes.
  • Women ages 16-24 are at the highest risk of being sexually assaulted, four times that of all women.
  • Most rapists are 15-24 years old.
  • More than 90% of all rapes occur in the same race and socio-economic class.
  • 84% of female rape victims knew their rapist.
  • More than 60% of all rapes occur in a person’s home.
  • More than 50% of acquaintance rapes occurred in the man’s car or home.

Get Your Copy Of Street Fighting Self Defense


That you can defend yourself…

  • Victims of sexual abuse sustained an increase amount of physical injury if they pleaded, cried or tried reasoning.
  • Approximately 50% of women escape attempted sexual assaults if they yell.
  • Approximately 85% of women escape attempted sexual assaults if they vigorously and quickly resist physically.


To learn how to defend yourself is one of the most important and smart things you can do for yourself.  People plan for retirement, fire escape and disaster plans but they don’t plan for or prepare for what they will do if they are attacked.   The fact is you might not make it to retirement if you are attacked and the chances are higher that you will be attacked then caught in a fire or disaster situation.  

We offer self defense classes and camps which is a vital part of conditioning and learning and practicing technique.  Just fill out the form to the right to receive 2 free private lessons. 

There is also a fantastic book you can get right now that gives you an immediate advantage to your attacker.  These techniques are extremely effective and when combined with conditioning and practice you will be prepared for any confrontation that might occur.  Remember it is better to be prepared and not have to use your skills then to not prepare and find yourself in a situation that requires skills and have none. 

Get Your Copy Of Street Fighting Self Defense

Here are just a small example of the information you will receive immediately.

How to "trick" your attacker into opening up his most vulnerable targets, practically begging you to take him out with one single strike! (He won’t even know he’s being set up…and won’t see his mistake until he’s lying on his back in sheer agony!) Page 19

Rip your opponent to shreds in close quarters combat! You’ll have complete control over his body once you combine this simple hand movement with a nearby wall to break bones, cause concussions and render your attacker helpless. Page 44

Become a bare-knuckled brawler! Cushioning your hands with padding and gloves doesn’t work on the street. Discover the "knockout technique" that’s proven countless times (in bars and real street combat!) to be more effective than your heaviest haymaker at dropping an opponent to the ground like a bag of dirt. Pages 23-24

How to "drill" into soft tissue spots like an oil rigger to cause instant and uncontrollable panic in your attacker and shut down his ability to fight! Page 27

A 3-inch "hidden-in-plain-sight" target that no one – not even elite spec ops soldiers – recognize as one of the most debilitating spots on the human body! (Yet the one simple move I’ll show you on pages 29-30 is so easy to pull off that even a 6-year old little girl could leave an attacker in a bloody mess, screaming in pain! No joke…no hype!)

A strange "split-second/instant pain" move that requires absolutely no skill or practice to master…and works even BETTER against bigger attackers with some meat on their bones! (You can even test it on YOURSELF!) Pages 42-43

Get Your Copy Of Street Fighting Self Defense

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