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Self Defense Classes Atlanta


Have you been thinking about taking a self defense class in Atlanta  Then it is time to take some action.  If you have not taken a self defense class, what are you waiting for?  A self defense class or seminar will give you some tools and a plan for awareness and some actions that could very well save your life. 

A few years ago Meredith Emerson was murdered while hiking in the mountains of North Georgia.  Immediately following this tragedy there was a rush of women taking self defense classes in Atlanta.   

If you are thinking about taking a self defense class, take it now.  Don’t wait until it is too late. 

The classes we teach will arm you with a few physical moves that you can use for protection during an attack but the main focus is on awareness and avoiding physical engagement.

Keeping up your guard and awareness of your surroundings is the key to self defense.  If you can keep yourself away from a physical confrontation you are in much better shape than if you physically have to deal with your attacker.  

Call for details for our self defense seminars.  They are affordable and can be life saving. Come take one of the best self defense classes in Atlanta.

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