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Roswell Kickboxing Weight Loss – How Mike Auger Lost 70 Pounds With Muay Thai

I have known Mike Auger now for about 6 years.  We have been training with Joe Powers for about the same amount of time and through that period of time Mike and I have become training partners at different intervals.  In fact we are getting ready to embark on a much more intensive training regiment then we have ever done before in an effort to attain our next belt advancement on our quest to reach the peak in our Muay Thai Kickboxing Training.

We were sitting at a Starbucks, having a morning coffee close to the Total Boxing Gym in Roswell.  Kickboxing was the topic of discussion if you can believe that. I had just purchased this cool new camera called the Kodak Watersport Video Camera which is awesome by the way.  You can record underwater up to 9 meters and it is just too easy to use and shoots quality video. 

Anyway, as we were talking about Kickboxing and what is happening with Total Boxing I decided to show Mike how the camera worked.  What I got was a great video of him candidly discussing his experience with Muay Thai and how it has changed his life in many aspects as it has mine.  Mike had never had a pair of boxing gloves on before starting Muay Thai Kickboxing and really started doing it to help him get past a plateau of weight loss.  He shared how he went from 260 pounds to 180.  That is huge.  When I met Mike he had already slimmed down a bit from the 260 weight but I have certainly witnessed his continued slimming down and maintaining the lower weights through kickboxing training. 

If you live in Roswell, Alpharetta, Dunwoody, Atlanta, Norcross, Sandy Springs, Johns Creek or any of the other nearby cities and are looking for a good weight loss program, our kickboxing weight loss program can’t be beat. 

Come in and talk to our members or just watch the video – but come in – we would love to add you to the family. 

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