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Kickboxing – The Best Atlanta After School Program Available

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Is This The Best Atlanta After School Program Available – I Think So

My name is Todd Wilson and I have been running the kids program at Total Boxing for the past two years and loving it.  I really believe it is one of the best Atlanta after school programs available.  I know I am a little biased but the feedback from the parents has been in line with that statement.

The participation from the kids has been exceptional.  In short – they LOVE IT.  Seriously, I have yet to come across a kid that did not enjoy putting the gloves on and learning how to punch and kick.  Especially when there are other kids in the class.   I say that because – to be honest – we have not had a lot of parents stay on track with keeping the kids in class.  This is vital to the development and the overall process of teaching the kids to follow through with what they have started and to improve their skill levels. 

What Do The Kids Learn In Class?

There is so much that is learned in this class it is amazing.  Flexibility and proper stretching, teamwork, agility, muscle eye coordination, discipline, balance, strength training, cardio and the list goes on.

A Quick Story

Case in point.  I had a father tell me the other day that his son, who has been coming to class throughout the summer has started to play football.  The father said he was amazed that the football practices start off at a dead run, no warm ups, no stretching.  This is not the proper way to teach the children how to prepare their bodies for exercise.  We teach this and so much more.

What You Can Expect

The parents that have followed through, even in the short run experience changes in the behavior of the child within a couple of weeks.  It is really quite amazing.  I have worked and will continue to work with local schools but would love to have more children participate in our Atlanta after school program.  Here are some of the schools and feedback from those schools about the kids experiences.  School Programs 

We have a belt system at Total Boxing so there are attainable goals that really get the kids excited.  There is a “Testing Day” that we work towards and create an event for.  This motivates the kids and gives them some benchmarks that show them how much they have improved.

How Much Does It Cost?

To make it a little more affordable we are running a back to school special of $60 a month for a 6 month contract with the option to renew at the $60 price if you want to continue.  This is a great deal and breaks down to $15 a week.  Call us, fill out the form to the right or just come in.   Classes are at 4:30 pm Monday – Thursday and 10:30 on Saturday.  


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  • Lisa Finlayson July 22, 2015, 5:08 pm

    How are the different ages separated. My son is 11 and would like to train with his age group not 7-8 years old.

  • Total Boxing October 6, 2015, 2:15 pm

    Hi Lisa,

    Whereas we used to have a kids’ class, we have integrated both. So ages from 11 and up are in the general Muay Thai class. We’ve had students as young as him and as old as 65. We never force anyone to spar that doesn’t want to, but all sparring is supervised and will go at a level that he is comfortable with.

    Sorry for the delay in response, we’ve been making a few changes lately.

    If he would like to try, simply come in during one of our class times and we will get you all the necessary info.

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