Opening Time : 6:00 AM to 8:30 PM

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Atlanta Kickboxing School Offers Fundamental Kickboxing Training

We have been open as a Muay Thai School in Alpharetta, Georgia, a suburb of Atlanta, since 2009 and have trained a vast number of students [...]

Get In Shape Atlanta – Kickboxing Classes

The new year brings a wave of new commitments to get in shape.  Atlanta kickboxing classes can certainly help you do that.  All of those holiday [...]

Get Lean Flat Abs

Lean Flat Abs 4 U Everyone wants to have great looking abs or at least lose some size around the mid section.  As I have reach [...]

A Much Anticipated – Friendly Atlanta Muay Thai Lesson

I have been anticipating some friends of mine coming to the gym for about a year now.  First I have to give you a little background.  [...]

Kickboxing – The Best Atlanta After School Program Available

Our Atlanta after school program is one of the best in the city. We work with the kids to teach them discipline, coordination, teamwork and so much more.

Atlanta Kid’s Kickboxing – They Love It

I have been working with kids for the past 8 months at many different levels.  Last school year I was blessed to have the opportunity to [...]

Atlanta Summer Program – Kickboxing School

Another school year is coming to a close and the push to find Atlanta summer programs and activities for kids is on.  You need to find [...]

Self Defense Classes Atlanta

Total Boxing offer a great self defense class designed to give you a solid plan for awareness that could save your life.

Kickboxing Fuel For Maximum Performance

Kickboxing is an intense workout that requires a lot of fuel. If your diet is not right your performance will suffer. Here is an overview of the diet necessary to sustain performance and keep weight off.

Cardio Kickboxing Classes

We provide an excellent high energy cardio kickboxing class designed to not only give you a great cardio workout but also teach you proper muay thai technique


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