Opening Time : 6:00 AM to 8:30 PM

October 2010

Kickboxing Fuel For Maximum Performance

Kickboxing is an intense workout that requires a lot of fuel. If your diet is not right your performance will suffer. Here is an overview of the diet necessary to sustain performance and keep weight off.

Cardio Kickboxing Classes

We provide an excellent high energy cardio kickboxing class designed to not only give you a great cardio workout but also teach you proper muay thai technique

After School Program Activities – Kickboxing With A Twist

We are focused on providing the finest after school program activity for your child. Muay Thai can teach good physical fitness, coordination, self-confidence and self-defense. We love working with young people and helping to shape their physical and mental abilities.


Here are testimonial videos from students and other participants from our gym.


I have been teaching kickboxing at the Swift School in Roswell, Ga. as an after school activity. The school is a private school primarily for Dyslexic students. We also have been working with students diagnosed with ADHD and I personally have a son that has been diagnosed with Aspergers. Kickboxing provides a great foundation of discipline and focus while allowing the children an outlet of exercise and activities to encourage good sportsmanship and control.

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