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    90 Days To Total Fit.
    Self Defense for Health & Confidence
    Kross Training, Yogo & Nutrition for Overall Health Conditioning

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Our Classes

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    Month $157.00

    Total Fit

    This all encompassing fusion of Muay Thai Kickboxing, Kross Training, Yoga Fit & Nutrition Fit Planning will bring you from Frumpy To Total Fit in 90 days.

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    Month $99.00

    Total Training

    We offer one of the only Muay Thai Schools in Atlanta. Our training and belted system through the United States Muay Thai Association is the best way to thoroughly learn this incredible martial art and self defense training.

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    Month $27.00

    Total Workout

    Our micro gym is fully equipped to provide you with everything you need to get an awesome workout and training. Full access to our weights, treadmills, heavy bags and mats (as scheduling provides) is a tremendous value. This package can also include 2 personal training sessions each month for an additional $20/month. A fantastic deal.

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    Per Class $15.00

    Yoga - Nutrition

    These crucial components are built into our Total Fit program or they can be purchased as individual items. Yoga classes and individual Muay Thai or Jiu Jitsu training classes are $15/each if you wanted to just take a particular class.

Total Fit Tips

  • Total Fit

    Impact your life with a fitness plan that covers all the aspects of health and fitness. Cardio Training (Self Defense), Strength Training, Diet and Flexibility.

  • Beginner Muay Thai Tips

    Conditioning Cardio, Stretching and Core Strength are critical to good Muay Thai

  • Strength Tips

    “Big moves are an invaluable way to increase strength and lean muscle.”

  • Diet & Nutrition

    Hummus is a great nutrition food. Here is a great recipe to make it yourself. Super Easy


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